What is the BAF?


The Business Agility Forum (BAF), in any of its forms (digital, real, printed, etc) is utterly an instrument to promote, support and impulse the development for both the thought and the effective application of Business Agility on the enterprise / organizational ecosystems that find value on its ever changing and ever evolving proposal.


The Business Agility Forum (BAF) its a community of persons, leaders, executives, practitioners and in general all professionals and organizations related or interested in business agility in the region, with an emphasis in people and agility and its application at all levels within the organizational / enterprise ecosystems.


The Business Agility Forum (BAF) is a collaborative space that promotes Business and Organizational Agility from all perspectives: methodologically, technologically and specially strategically and operationally .

This way, the Business Agility Forum (BAF) aspires to become a tribune for open and tolerant discussion around Business Agility at regional level, as well as a laboratory where its members and contributors can expose, propose and finally solve their inquiries, problems and challenges related to business agility.

Based on its Code of Conduct, the Business Agility Forum (BAF) wishes to propose and create a safe space where thought can be shared and no invalidated, proved and not discarded a priori; a space where practictioners, stakeholders, leaders of thought and beneficiaries can discuss, depurate, provide and receive feedback and at the same time contribute to the community with their own input to the line of thought and practice that the Business Agility represents.

Within this space, its members can:

  • Propose on a proactive way around new theories and new thought as well as highlight, support or debate the exiting thought around business agility
  • Expose their specific challenges and cases with the objective of receiving support, collaboration and guidance for their solution
  • Encounter with pairs that can help them in their challenges directly or indirectly
  • Contribute in the co-creation of a community and an open, transparent and collaborative community based on agile principles.
(Iteration 1.2, April 2018)
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